Is a Honda Loan or Lease the Better Choice for You?

When you come to Bob Rohrman Honda, you'll find a selection of new cars that include some of Honda's best. It doesn’t matter if you're looking for a new sedan or SUV, or if you want something else entirely. Our dealership in Lafayette, IN has a new inventory that can send you home satisfied.

Perhaps more importantly, however? Our dealership has the financing you'll need to make it all affordable.

Are You Looking for a Lease or a Loan?

When customers come to visit us from Delphi, IN, they find a selection of finance options that include a range of affordable loans and lease offers.

A Honda loan can come with a range of benefits. The most important? The freedom to use your car how you want. You can modify it, sell it, or drive it until the wheels fall off. Whatever best suits your needs. Loans can come with more expensive payments, but once you've paid it off? You can enjoy years of driving payment-free.

And if you're interested in a lease? You'll enjoy a selection of perks, including lower payments and thorough warranty offers. They're often easier to qualify for and can be some of the most affordable ways to go home in a new car. On the con side of things, however, a lease can also come with stricter restrictions than buying with a loan. You'll have to deal with things like annual mileage caps and more.

Contact Our Finance Center Today to Learn More

Does a Honda lease or loan sound like the finance solution you're looking for? Get in touch with the staff at Bob Rohrman Honda today with your questions. We can help you learn more and decide which financing solution is right for you.

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