Buying a car can be stressful. One of the only things more just as stressful, if not more? Selling a car on your own.

Luckily, the team at Bob Rohrman Honda is here to make it easier. When you work with our dealership, you'll find there's no need to worry about selling your car yourself. We want to buy it, and we offer a sale/trade process that's fair, easy, and fast.

Based in Lafayette, IN and serving drivers all over the state, Bob Rohrman Honda can help.

Why Sell Your Car to Our Dealership?

Think about the steps you'd have to take to sell your vehicle on your own. You'd need to find a buyer and then negotiate a price. Then you need to arrange a meeting, hope they come and then hope they follow through on everything you've agreed to.

There's no parking lot meetups or haggling with our team. We keep things simple. We give you the tools to get an online appraisal, and we'll make you a real-world offer. And once you have our offer? We won't take it back. We won't try to change it at the last second or do something tricky to secure a better deal for ourselves.

We've worked hard to establish as a local institution, and we'll treat you with the respect you deserve.

Contact Bob Rohrman Honda Today to Learn More

Are you interested in selling your car? Or maybe you'd like to trade it in for something new? Reach out to our dealership today and let us know what you're thinking. You'll find us ready and waiting to support you through every step of the process, and then some.

We have an expert finance team to help and a new Honda inventory that can provide a replacement.