At Bob Rohrman Honda-Lafayette, we often field questions by Lafayette shoppers concerning new Honda models equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD). There's also curiosity surrounding the benefits held by AWD as opposed to other drivetrains on the market.

While supportive of traveling on challenging road surfaces or during inclement weather, Honda Real Time AWD proves its worth time and again.

Inner Workings of Honda Real Time AWD

Honda Real Time AWD comes complete with the Intelligent Control System. And by virtue of design, this system complements front-wheel drive with a rear differential.

To the layperson, detected will be wheels starting to lose traction on a slippery surface. Then, that rear differential engages automatically by using a multi-plate clutch system. The response is instantaneous without the noticeable lag from a traditional AWD setup.

As such, the immediate reaction allows for improved control when needed the most. As well, reduced is the energy normally required when piloting a model equipped with a more traditional AWD layout.

Honda Models with All-Wheel Drive

For the Lafayette shopper demanding all-wheel drive to their preferred Honda model, there's much to consider. Enjoyed thereafter is a vehicle primed for anything that a road or nature may throw in the way of commuting or daily routine.

In this effort, found below are the new Honda models equipped with Honda Real Time AWD:

  • 2023 Honda HR-V SUVs are capable of earning elevated fuel efficiency throughout Lafayette.
  • 2023 Honda CR-V lends the continuously variable transmission to the 1.5L, four-cylinder intercooled turbo engine.
  • 2023 Honda Passport delivers a nine-speed transmission and 3.5L, six-cylinder engine.
  • 2023 Honda Pilot SUVs welcome Lafayette families of eight.
  • 2023 Honda Ridgeline trucks are proven contenders with nine-speed automatic transmissions providing the right amount of punch.

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